Favourite ingredients

Vanilla paste

I use vanilla paste every time the recipe calls for vanilla pod or extract.  It is essentially a jar of scraped-out vanilla pod.  It gives you flavour of a real vanilla and is so convenient to use.  It is also more affordable than vanilla pod, as this little jar will last very long. 

Rose water

Rose water can be used for flavouring cakes, macaroons, jam or buttercream.  It is very strong and fragrant, so you need to be careful when using it.
Always use the real, not the artificial product.  

Maple syrup

Everybody likes pancakes with maple syrup, however, you can also use it to replace part of the sugar added to your cake or biscuits. 

Orange blossom water

The same as with rose water, always go for the real product, the artificial one will give you this 'plastic' aftertaste.
I use it in biscuits, jam or jelly.

Rose petal marmalade

Rose petal marmalade is absolutely delicious, can be used for filling doughnuts or biscuits.
You can make your own at home, as most roses are edible.
When using it to make biscuits, remember to buy 'hard' marmalade, instead of jam, so that it holds its shape and doesn't burn in the oven. 

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