I love buying cookbooks- they contain a lot of great recipes, but are also inspiration, when making your own.  I have few favourites, which I would recommend to anyone. 

Peggy Porschen 'Boutique Baking' - this book is great when looking for an inspiration for presentation of your cakes.  It will help you transform 'normal' cakes into 'patisserie style'.

Mary Berry's Baking Bible is a perfect book for those who are only starting to bake.  It contains great tips, as well as more traditional recipes.  It will teach you, from basics, how to perfect your cakes and tea time treats.

It is a cookbook, rather than a 'baking' one, but it contains some delicious recipes for desserts and cakes.  Nigella's recipes are usually easy and        'fuss-free'.

Amazing ideas for different flavours of macaroons! The basic recipe is the same, but this book will inspire you to use additional ingredients to make your macaroons more special.

 Eric Lanlard's recipes are usually based on classics, but he always puts a     twist on everything he makes.

'Baking Made Easy' Lorraine Pascale's is a book for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours in the kitchen, but still want to impress with homemade bakes.
Recipes are quick and often an easier version of a classic dessert.

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